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The stalled development of children can be initiated by letting the child move.



My name is Marielle Dechesne. 

Psychomotor childtherapy is for children between 3 and 16 years old who are at risk to get stuck or who already are stuck in their development and showing this in their behaviour.

It is a non-verbal form of childtherapy where playing, sports, arts&crafts, music and dance form the base to work from. This form of childtherapy is a very good way to get in contact with the child from their perspective and help them to grow further. 

I do this from the level of the child, where the child is right now, and by following every step.

I look at the strengths of the child and make use of it during therapy to develop the parts who need a bit more attention.

Parents and Therapy

Parents, teachers and other people involved in the life of the child are playing a part and will get help to be able to support the child.

Sometimes it's possible to give the therapy at school. But I have also a room where the child can come. 

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